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I have over 77,000 Global LinkedIn Followers - You can capitalize on my LinkedIn Network! On the world’s largest professional network with 830 million members in 200 countries, it doesn’t seem like finding jobs or freelancing gigs would be that difficult. Forget Fiverr or Upwork, Forget any other Job Portal - USE LINKEDIN Every year 55 million of LinkedIn’s registered companies are on the lookout for people like you, in fact hiring managers are facing a tough challenge just finding you... And millions of professionals looking for FREELANCING services....... But when they search for you, your profile doesn’t show up! So, really, unless you dig up a job or pay for premium LinkedIn plans, hiring managers don’t know you exist. But why is that? In order to attract relevant attention, your profile needs to become a massive recruiter and FREELANCING magnet. Without being optimized with the right keywords and information, your LINKEDIN Can Never HELP! I’m Hammad, a LinkedIn Consultant and Coach based out of Canada. I’ve been teaching professionals how to get the jobs of their dreams for 10 years. I’ve seen both sides of the coin - what recruiters see when they search for candidates and what candidates get when they search for jobs. I’ve got the full view and I’m fired up to share it! My course can help you rise up among the top 5% of LinkedIn users - a place where I'd bet the remaining 95% wants to be but can't get to. Especially after COVID-19 and the troubles it formed with layoffs and job search, I have strategically designed this course to help in enhancing your skills to use LinkedIn effectively for job search, career progression, or tapping into freelancing business opportunities. 🔥 BONUS 🔥 Students who participate and graduate from this course will have the benefit of being added to Hammad Siddiqui's personal network of 77,000 strong learners. PLUS, they will be invited to regular and valuable monthly Zoom meetups for ONLY past course participants for continued learning, networking, and growth. Join the Advanced LinkedIn Training TODAY, master the most powerful tool for job and gig search, and turn your life around!

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To excel on LinkedIn, let's unlearn a few mistakes we probably have been making.

  • 2. 9 mistakes to avoid when making a profile on LinkedIn 🎯 3min 34sec

Strategy is the plan and blueprint that is essential for growth and success. We'll be taking a look at how to create a LinkedIn strategy to outshine and outrun your competition!

  • LinkedIn Strategy 21min 54sec
  • Algorithm.mp4 1min 26sec

We will be trying to follow a process to check the performance of your LinkedIn profile. This will help you in understanding the level of efforts required to optimize your profile for the best results.

  • Analytics Update June 2022.mp4 6min 7sec
  • Profile Healthcheck (This feature is has changed) 8min 18sec

Learn how to create content quickly by using a GRID technique. We'll also be covering essential ideas on content creation to attain visibility.

  • Content is King 27min 38sec

You will learn the art of network building on LinkedIn like how to increase invite acceptance, how to stay relevant and targeted. Remember, your network is your net worth!

  • Networking 11min 14sec
  • How to Network 11min 47sec
  • Events 9min 5sec
  • How Recruiters Search for Candidates.mp4 5min 40sec
  • How to Find E-Commerce Clients on LinkedIn 19min 51sec
  • Updates on E-Commerce Strategies (Information lecture) 10min 46sec

Special features that can help you in your job search, freelancing and business to generate more B2B opportunities.

  • Tips & Conclusion 23min 27sec
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About Expert

Hammad Siddiqui

Global LinkedIn Coach & Consultant based in Canada

Global LinkedIn Coach based in Canada.


5 stars 34 ratings

    Verified by Airschool

    Amazing Techineques and knowledge is learned . Hammad Siddique is really superb. definetally recommend this for all to learn this amazing platform of LinkedIn.

  • Muhammad Ahmad

    Verified by Airschool

    Thank you HAMMAD SIDDIQUI for providing your Advanced Linkedin Online Course. In Q1 of 2022, I consider it my best tiny investment. :) Resources were insightful, knowledge was concise and useful. Now I have started looking at Linkedin from a very different perspective compared with other social media platforms.

  • H

    Huma Ilyas

    Verified by Airschool

    it was very informative. Thank you

  • imran saho

    Verified by Airschool

    Great cause create good work

  • sadaf shah

    Verified by Airschool

    This was one of the eye-opening courses about Linkedin. I never thought Linkedin had so much potential, and I had so many mistakes in my profile. I always wondered why I couldn't achieve what I wanted to. No matter how many videos you watch, no one explains this better, LinkedIn. With the help, of course, I can achieve what I intend to. This is one of the best investments of 2022.

  • N


    Verified by Airschool

    I find this course suitable for beginners who want to make LinkedIn a platform for their professional growth. It starts with the basic and leads to few advance techniques that we might consider generic otherwise, but knowing how it would help LinkedIn algorithm is actually quite interesting. Above all, it will help you if you are willing to implement.

  • Ferozuddin

    Verified by Airschool

    It was mind-blowing course for all those who wants to optimised their profile on LinkedIn. Very basic to advanced level LinkedIn features are described in quite humble way. I am working on mentioned tools and techniques, this gives me fruitful results in quick time. Highly recommended 👍

  • Fatima Mushtaque

    Verified by Airschool

    Well designed course to learn about effective utilization of linkedin for growing your network and future career opportunities.

  • Martin Fisher


    A mentor is someone that provides their expertise, advice and guidance. They are invested in your success and support you along your journey. Hammad’s expertise and advice were invaluable in my journey but it was his commitment to my success that inspired me and taught me to be a better leader.

  • Doreen Fernandez


    Hammad has a way of taking you from zero to hero in just a few minutes. His deep knowledge of LinkedIn and how to utilize it to its ultimate potential is incredible. If you need to raise your visibility contact Hammad. You will get in front of the right audience with his strategy.

  • Kashif Zia


    I met Hammad Siddiqui during my recent arrival & settlement in Canada after almost two decades of processional career in Gulf countries with senior management profile. Hammad Siddiqui has been very instrumental in writing Linkedin profile & coaching programs for your progression in North American markets especially his webinars & exclusive coaching programs on various subjects make you through in challenging times & seek recruiters attentions with your hidden talent to find your desired destiny. I strongly recommend Hammad coaching sessions & to hire him as a mentor to discover the best for you

  • M

    Monawara Begum


    So fortunate to have connected with Hammad Siddiqui on this platform. I had joined the LinkedIn CV Group in 2020 and that's how found his profile. I attended one of his podcasts with a Guest from UK and was very impressed. I started following him. Then, I reached out to him, we exchanged a few messages through LinkedIn. Finally, I asked him to help me revamp my LinkedIn Profile and my Resume etc. Hammad, not only did wonders with my LinkedIn profile, he did an excellent job with my Resume and Cover Letter too!! He went out of his way to share a lot of great tips on how to go about with my job search. He is great at what he does and he does it brilliantly!! Hammad Siddiqui thank you so much for your guidance, support and mentorship. I will definitely refer you to other job seekers. Wishing you all the best.

  • S

    Sarmad Sikandar


    I attended your 8 module LinkedIn course. Honestly, the way to changed my approach on how to build my network for collaborations and tapping into opportunities. I have already forged a collaboration, and moving ahead with my expansion strategy. You are simply an Awesome LinkedIn Coach! I was struggling with my LinkedIn presence for years. You transformed my LinkedIn profile according to my profession and experience, as a result my views have increased and now I am working on my network building. Again, you are Awesome!

  • S

    Seira Nasr


    It is such a pleasure to write this recommendation for Hammad's outstanding service for my LinkedIn profile revamping and optimization. He is a great professional. My profile now receives great views and as a result, my network has grown three times in the past four months. Highly recommended for LinkedIn Profile Optimization. He is simply the best!

  • D

    Dr Muddasir Ahmed


    Hammad Siddiqui defines the word “Inspiration” and “Charisma”! He is the one who champions People Development and for me is a person I turn to for advice as to how to harness the power of Networking. Additionally, Hammad Siddiqui he has done a series of small favors for me in the process, showing his sincerity and generosity. All these qualities of Genuine Leadership which is rare commodity in Pakistan Executive scence as far as I know. Hammad Siddiqui profile speaks for itself. He has been using social media tools to discuss the recent socio-economic issues for some time to create awareness. He has been a tremendous asset to students and alike in giving them Career Advise and wrote many blogs and book on this topic which shows Hammad Siddiqui authority. It is pleasure to be part of ever growing network of great influencer!

  • S

    Sara Mariam


    Indeed! It's a blessing to have you as my teacher. Not a conventional teacher but a true mentor you are Sir! I can't thank you enough for what you have taught me and yes it is a valuable gift. It ain't easy to forget your inspirational words which got etched in my mind forever. You have always taught us the way we wanted to learn, didn't impose nothing on us. The only problem after having a teacher like you is that you have set the benchmark and I want to learn from the same teachers in near future. Thanks for going out of way and teaching us true lessons which we wouldn't have learnt from those reference books

  • Waqas Mansoor


    I had attended the LinkedIn optimization course offered by Hammad Siddiqui and found the course very insightful. I understood how the LinkedIn algorithm works and which strategy pays off well for certain contents. I thoroughly enjoyed the friendly and honest way of teaching which helps me to ask and learn in a better way. The special part I enjoyed the most was the breakout sessions where we shared our thoughts with the other participants and convenience each other with our point of view. All in All, the program is something a must to attend, if you want to re-engineer your LinkedIn profile and don’t want a recruiter to bounce to another candidate.

  • Zeeshan Sheikh


    Hammad Siddiqui is no less a LinkedIn guru and miraculous coach. He’s one of very few people in my professional journey who built a great impact in a very short span of time. Interacting with Hammad always generates a great deal of positive energy and passion in coaching sessions specially on LinkedIn experience and community discussions. In no time, this connection of being a coach has turned into a lifelong friend and advisor. I highly recommend Hammad being an authentic business partner and coach

  • Dwayne Lubin


    Hammad is very helpful, and knowledgeable with LinkedIn. He has shown me how powerful this professional tool is - allowing me to make many new great connections. Working with Hammad has been a pleasure, and I continue to learn and grow through applying his methods.

  • Suresh Kumar


    I engaged Hammad to revamp my LinkedIn profile. He provided an excellent service that enhanced the profile's appearance only in few days. I am highly satisfied with his LinkedIn Profile Revamping and Optimization service, recommended to anyone interested in getting a real benefit of LinkedIn!

  • Shahzad Gidwani CPM


    Collaboration with Hammad has been an excellent and effective experience. He more than optimized my LinkedIn profile, he coached me in effective use of hashtags and the value of smart posting. Over and above he gave me my first exposure to LinkedIn live as his guest speaker. He is more than a mentor, he is a friend who continues to support me through my professional Canadian journey in search for the perfect opportunity.

  • Dr. Samia Zafar


    It's a great pleasure to be writing this testimonial for Hammad Siddiqui. He is an amazing human being, a Linkedin expert, and an inspiration. I got a chance to learn 'LinkedIn optimization' from him that has helped me tremendously in my professional development. He is a dedicated and highly skilled professional having an equally amazing passion to empower people. Hammad Siddiqui is always excited to offer his support and share his knowledge. I wish him more success in his career. Keep inspiring!

  • Matías Guarello Wilhelmy


    Recently I had the pleasure to work with Hammad during one of his LinkedIn batch courses. I have enjoyed the professionalism and experience that he stands for being a highly-skilled LinkedIn and all-rounder motivational coach. Hammad is always willing to go the extra mile by going beyond which demonstrates that he is strongly focused on helping and supporting his mentees the best way he can, but also expecting that his batch members also are ready to work hard and learn, which in the end results in a close relationship based on respect and collaboration. Hammad is definitively the type of person anyone would like to be around. He is not only an excellent professional but more importantly an outstanding person. I highly recommend anyone struggling on LinkedIn to consider attending one of Hammad’s courses. You will be amazed!

  • Hammad Rabbani


    It’s extremely rare that you come across a professional who not only has a good command on the LinkedIn algorithm but also understands how to brand a senior corporate executive. He is extremely passionate about helping people to achieve their goals which reflect in his work. His background as a senior executive and experience in running training courses sets him apart from the crowd. He follows a relationship development based approach rather than a transaction-based approach which has left a lasting impression on me. He is a high-caliber no-nonsense professional who delivers more than what he commits. I would highly recommend him.

  • Shahid Abdul Razzak


    Few people are as awesomely efficient in their area of expertise as is Hammad Siddiqui. It is rare to come across a talent like him. I have had the pleasure of learning from him as my coach and mentor to optimize my experience on LinkedIn. He had been meticulous, passionate and above all respectful in all our collaborations. In our engagements, I was particularly impressed by Hammad’s transparent yet pragmatic approach. This skill often takes years to develop among professionals, but it seemed to come perfectly naturally to him. Under his guidance, I started to contribute towards LinkedIn community with more relevant and engaging posts and my profile started getting noticed. He also made me attain this awareness that LinkedIn can be transformed in an active networking platform. As a business partner or coach or mentor, Hammad earns my highest recommendation.

  • Anju Kakar, IMYB


    I have been guilty of under-evaluating the importance of LinkedIn. My LinkedIn Aha Moment! was born from an in-depth conversation with Hammad very recently, when I approached him after attending an event hosted by him. Hammad is a wonderful and insightful coach to work with. Within minutes he had highlighted the ways I could go about building my networking strategies. Hammad draws from his vast arena of expertise and exposure, but most importantly, from a human perspective. Not for a second undermining the humane aspect, Hammad can guide you to reflect on your desired goals and best utilize the LinkedIn platform to reflect those very specific goals. His collaborative attitude that embraces the concept of growing together vs. competing to grow won me over. I have migrated from being intimidated by LinkedIn to being excited at the prospect of reshaping and reinventing my profile and portfolio. Thanks, Hammad, and I look forward to your continued guidance



    Hammad is great fun to work with and very skillful. Highly recommend the makeover for people who have not had to do a resume for a while. The data collection process was very comprehensive coupled with numerous one-on-one sessions that were invaluable in capturing and clarifying the information. Hammad was genuinely interested in “my story” and portraying that accurately on my profile. Not sure if I’ve shaken up the LinkedIn world yet, but at least my life and work are merged into “Me” 😊 Apart from profile building, the coaching experience with Hammad has been great too. My profile looks fantastic and markets my capabilities in a way I could never have done by myself. All in all, very thorough, professional, and a great investment.

  • Mark Bentcover


    When I frist met Hammad I immediately noticed three things about him: 1) He cares about his fellow humans; 2) He is one of the first people to offer a helping hand when one of us asks (or even if it is just evident we are struggling); 3) He knows stuff (be it information on how to netowrk on LinkedIn, people, how to make strong connections, writing, etc.). And now that I have known him for some time these three things still hold true but I would add a fourth important attribute (technically two): HE IS PERSISTENT AND CONSISTENT. I would say these four things are very important for being a coach wouldn't you. If you have any more questions about the man, the coach, the legend, you can reach out to me and ask me anything.



    Hammad is an Excellent professional. He and his team are awesome, and their work is flawless..

  • Bilal Ahmad


    Hammad is the LinkedIn Guru I engaged with to improve my targeting and relevance at LinkedIn Platform. As expected, I was not disappointed. Instead I got the value way beyond my initial expectations. If you want to improve your LinkedIn strategy, he is a perfect choice. Get his services now, thank me later.



    I highly recommend Hammad as a LinkedIn coach to anyone who wants to enhance their career. He brings deep expertise in career development and management. He is perceptive, insightful, passionate, and focused on making a difference in his client’s careers. Hammad helped me with some great suggestions , working closely to give me new insights and strategies.

  • Sameea Ali MBA, SHRM-CP


    Hammad Siddiqui has been an amazing mentor to me, and he has helped me understand the job search dynamics in Canada. He coached me to use LinkedIn effectively. I attended a session he conducted on LinkedIn Profile Optimization where he shared some very relevant tips on what we can do on our own to increase visibility and attract recruiters. He helps a great number of newcomers to Canada so they are not at a disadvantage. He offers excellent mentoring and optimization at a very reasonable price and he is in this field to stay.

  • Shazia Chishti


    Hammad is one of the most empathetic and truly inspirational coaches I had the pleasure to work with. He provides LinkedIn Optimization advice that may be difficult to find on your own, especially if you are new to the LI platform. I was very impressed by his professional and nurturing style towards his clients. Hammad definitely will be your conscience and mentor to keep you on track!

  • Amin Mohamud CPA,CGA


    Hiring Hammad was one of the best decisions I have made. Hammad is one of the best LinkedIn Optimization service providers. He communicated clearly, listened to my stories and drafted my LinkedIn in the best way I could showcase my personal brand. I a short time, my LinkedIn views went up and reached my targeted audience. On top of that, Hammad is a nice human being who goes out of his way to help. In many cases, he has shared my profile to potential employers. I can’t recommend him more highly. It is worth every penny. Invest in yourself and work with Hammad to put your best foot forward!

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Indeed, LinkedIn is considered the best B2B platform.

Establishing trust and authority helps in increasing the possibilities of connecting with a wider network. There is a complete section on networking techniques in this course.

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